Alien Piss
Alien Piss II
Alien Piss III
Alien Piss IV
Fiest of the Undead
Fear the Rainbow
Coco Bongo
Prime Lime
Trouble Gum
Star Melon Taffy
Vape N’ Dunks
Berry Snippitz
Cookie Shake
Puff Pear
Sticky Treats
Strawberry Funnel
Killa’ B’s
Waffle Madness

Coil Glaze Them Applez
Coil Glaze Berry Bluez
Coil Glaze Whipped Dreamz
Coil Glaze Honey Bunz
One Off Flavor One
One Off Flavor Two
Cereal Cake
Cereal Strawberry
Blue Slushee
Vape Pink Swirl
Vape Pink Cookie Butter
Vape Pink Chew
Cloud Mouth More Please
Propaganda Truth
Propaganda Reform
Propaganda Illuminati